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Exponential Advancements in Treating Cancer

In the past year we have seen dramatic progress with ChatGPT and other Large Language Models. These models aren't limited to language. They can also process vast amounts of genetic data and in record time to find treatments for diseases. As a result, progress in fighting cancer is coming along at a very fast pace. Here are seven recent breakthroughs. Read on

2029: The Year We Reach Longevity Escape Velocity

There has been a flurry of articles claiming that Ray Kurzweil has made a new, shocking prediction that humans will unlock the potential to live indefinitely by 2029. In fact, he first wrote about this idea twenty-four years ago. Read on

Health breakthroughs and recommendations are coming at us from every direction. Despite this newfound knowledge, we still make unhealthy choices. If you’ve ever had one too many drinks, a stack of late-night brownies, or tiptoed to bed at 2 am after binge watching Netflix, you are not alone... Read on

Ray Kurzweil | Lex Fridman Podcast: A conversation like no other

What are the ethics and implications of replicants? Will we live forever? Are there alien civilizations? Are we living in a simulation? What is the meaning of life? These were some of the mind bending questions that our co-founder, Ray Kurzweil, answered during his recent appearance on the number one tech podcast in the country. Watch here

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, our social connections carry more weight in determining our health than genetics, behaviors, and medicine combined. Suprised? Read on

Q&A with Ray: Have your thoughts on life extension changed?

In a recent Q&A with Singularity University alumni, Ray Kurzweil explained where we are on the path to extreme life extension and a recent shift in public opinion on the matter. Continue reading

The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the materials that surround us, all play a role in our exposure. However, in the 2030s, this is all going to change......Read on

Managing Anxiety while Staying Informed in a 24-Hour News Cycles

Just as Covid-19 seems to be retreating, the news of war has dramatically intensified. There is an extreme sense of urgency when it comes to information and it's almost impossible to pull away. How can we stay informed while protecting our mental health?…Continue reading

This is the first piece in a new series with Ray Kurzweil, Co-Founder of TRANSCEND Longevity, that highlights some of the most popular questions he has been asked by audiences around the world. We are kicking it off with a personal question that is rooted in Ray's early days growing up in Brooklyn, New York.....Read on

Rethinking Resolutions

“The Beginning is the Most Important Part of the Work.” -- Plato
As the new year begins, there's a lot of talk about resolutions. Commercials, social media, and TV talk shows tell us what problems we need to fix and how to fix them. Ray and Terry have a different take on the matter. Most resolutions are broken by February. So why not try this instead…Continue reading

Approximately 107,000 people are waiting for organ transplants in the United States, with an acute shortage of organs available. An average of seventeen people die each day as they wait for an organ. This breakthrough could change that......Read on

Genetic Engineering and the Fight Against Covid-19

Scientists have been studying the creation of genetic code to fight diseases for 30 years. Yet, it was only last year that this became a reality. In 2020, the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines revealed the power of genetic engineering to quickly reprogram biology away from disease. This marked the beginning of a new era in medicine....Continue reading

There is a glitch in our agricultural system – it is weather dependent. We are constantly chasing the perfect environment to grow the perfect crops. By the time our produce makes it to our tables it may have spent weeks or even months in storage, on ships and trucks. But Ray Kurzweil sees a paradigm shift coming to agriculture that is going to change everything. It's called vertical farming....Read on

Full immersion virtual reality: Where you can be anyone, anywhere, anytime

If you could be anyone for Halloween who would you be? A superhero? A rock star? An olympian? Now imagine having the ability to fully transform yourself into anyone or anything at any time for any reason. Full immersion virtual reality is on the horizon and TRANSCEND Longevity wants you to be there to experience it. Read more

Work, Health, and the Future

Artificial intelligence is transforming the landscape of work, taking over entire job categories while revealing new and unexpected ways to make a living. As the economy shifts to place a greater premium on entrepreneurship and adaptability, now is the time to explore your interests, find a passion, and run with it. Your mind and body will thank you...Read on

Tap Into Your Inner Creativity with Lucid Dreaming

Have you ever been aware that you are in a dream? Did you travel to an exotic place, defy the laws of physics, wish for something and make it happen? When we have lucid dreams, the world is essentially ours to do with as we please. It can be an powerful tool for harnessing uninhibited creativity...Dream on

The Future of Meat

Meat is undergoing a profound transformation thanks to artificial intelligence. Today we have "next generation" plant based burgers. Soon, we will have meat from in vitro cloning of muscle tissue. There is no reason to create a whole animal to get the parts that we want to eat....Read more

Back to Basics: Three Bridges to Life Extension

Ray and Terry’s “three bridges” is a metaphor to explain three key steps to living indefinitely. Both their book and TRANCEND Longevity have a common mission...Read more

Foods You Can Eat While Detoxing

Whether you’re detoxing for weight loss or simply looking to cut back on sugar or alcohol, you no longer need to deprive yourself of a healthy meal... Read More

Is the Ketogenic Diet Right for You?

Before you try the ketogenic diet for yourself, it is important to understand how it works to gauge whether keto is the right course for you... Read More

Are You Stress-Eating? How To Recognize and Avoid This Behaviour

The long-running COVID-19 pandemic has caused stress levels to climb, and so has our appetite for sugar... Read More

Happy Hormones: Boost Your Mood Naturally

Happiness, pleasure, and even love stem from four hormones—a balanced DOSE of Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins.... Read More

4 Ways To Improve Your Sleep Hygiene

In our high-stress world, quality rest is crucial. But what can we do to make sure our sleep is truly beneficial? Enter sleep hygiene... Read More

Health Tech for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and we’re all scrambling to find the perfect gifts. Here are our top health tech gift picks for the health and fitness lovers in your life.... Read More

Maskne: How to Maintain Healthy Skin While Wearing a Mask

“Maskne” (or mask acne) has become one of the most-searched topics in the past few months. Masks are non-negotiable, of course, but we want to take care of our body's largest organ as well... Read More

CBD: Snake Oil or Magic Potion?

CBD, a cannabis derivative, is experiencing a surge in popularity as a natural alternative for a range of afflictions, but what is it and how does it work? Read More

Technology to Support Your Mental Health

In these trying times, it's essential to protect your mental health. Technology can help you manage increased stress and worry... Read More.

Tips to Overcome Loneliness

Even before COVID-19, loneliness and social isolation were identified as a growing public health issue, especially for older adults. If you're feeling lonely right now, you're not alone... Read More.

Women’s Health | The Best Supplements at Any Age

Women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s have different biological needs and health goals. We've broken down which vitamins and supplements should be a priority for women at each stage of life... Read More.

Healthy Recipes for Summer

Even as we grapple with circumstances beyond our control, there are some things we can look forward to, like fresh summer produce and time spent outside with our families.... Read More.

The Healthy Way to Work from Home

If you're like many others who have made the shift from an office to remote work, you may be feeling stressed, annoyed, lonely, or bored. It's natural to look to food for comfort or escape, but there's a healthier way to work from home... Read More.

Top 5 Tips To Promote Longevity From Within

While we can't control all circumstances around aging just yet, getting older while growing younger is as much an internal process as it is an external one. Taking care of ourselves from the inside out is vital to our longevity, health, and overall wellness.... Read More.

Why Eating Organic Makes A Difference

Not all foods are created equal; that’s why eating organic can make a difference for your health and longevity. If you want to live well forever, here are five ways eating organic makes a difference in helping us live long, vibrant, healthy lives... Read More.

Preparing for Coronavirus

As the coronavirus strain is known as COVID-19 begins to spread in the United States, many Americans are preparing for potential quarantine. But what can you actually do to prepare for coronavirus?... Read More.

The Future is Tiny: from Fitbits to Nanobots

As we continue to make technological advances, our ambitions for wearables continue to climb. Contemporary wearable technology has grown beyond mere entertainment, now extending into the worlds of fitness, wellness, and health... Read More.

Stay Physically Active This Winter

Whether it’s the biting cold or the dark and gloomy mornings, gathering the motivation to get yourself active and moving in the winter months is a challenge. Inconveniently, it’s also the time when we need it the most... Read More.

Do You Have Seasonal Affective Disorder?

If you find yourself facing the new year with more trepidation than excitement, it might be more than just the "winter blues”... Read More.

Can Supplements Help Improve Your Memory?

Have you ever walked into a room intending to do one thing, only to forget why you were there once you'd arrived? Everyday forgetfulness is common, but that doesn't mean it's unfixable... Read More.

Stress and the Body: A Guide to Understanding & Managing Stress

Although stress and anxiety are common, they shouldn't be ever-present, especially with the health implications of constant pressure. Making relaxation a priority may seem easy enough, but... Read More.

Are Food Allergies a Western Epidemic?

Allergies are now so prevalent that they’ve begun to seem trendy. While this increase is a concern, it also benefits from further investigation. Are allergies really on the rise?... Read More.

Improving Physical and Mental Health with Fish Oil

From improved brain health to skin health, fish oil supplements are full of surprising benefits. To be on the receiving end of these benefits, it’s advised to eat oily fish that are full of omega-3 fatty acids... Read More.

What is Lucid Dreaming?

What if you could control your dreams so that instead of falling off a cliff in a nightmare, you decided to fly? It sounds unbelievable, but some people can actually manipulate their dreams... Read More.

Managing Your Cholesterol

Concerns about elevated cholesterol levels are common, especially as we age. Given the average American’s diet, these concerns are often well-founded... Read More.

Turn Back the Clock With Exercise

The human body is designed for regular and vigorous physical activity. Although many people commit to daily exercise, there are just as many or more who may struggle... Read More.

Health Check: the Do's and Don'ts of a Healthy Diet

Everyone wants to keep up with diet trends, but do they lead to healthy lifestyles? Finding accurate, reliable information about diets can be confusing... Read More.

Simple and Effective Tips to Improve Brain Health

It’s no secret that our brains change as we age. When we’re older, we may be able to draw on the wisdom of past experiences, but our brains (and bodies) take a little longer...Read More.

Building a Stronger Body: The Benefits of MK-7

It’s no secret that as we head into our senior years, our bodies become weaker. Most people don’t give much thought to their bone density until they lose it, though. Daily exercise in...Read More.

Aging Gracefully: The Benefits of DHEA

Many of us strive to naturally reduce the effects of aging. Though aging is inevitable, it can be achieved more gracefully with the help of the right hormone supplement. Hormone health... Read More.

What Are Nootropics?

Whether we’re looking for boosted focus or increased relaxation under pressure, most of us want to expand beyond our cognitive limitations. But how can we achieve this ideal state?... Read More.

Plant-Powered: Why Reduced Meat Consumption May be Right for You

While it’s true that animal sources contain all of the essential amino acids your body needs, you don’t have to rely on a meat-heavy diet to make sure you’re getting enough protein... Read More.

Make Prostate Health A Priority

While many prostate disorders tend to affect men in their 40s and older, the time to be proactive in supporting prostate health is now.... Read More.

Get Pumped About Heart Health

Your heart is the MVP of your body's circulatory system. Because heart health affects every part of your body, maintaining a healthy heart is essential.... Read More.

Mastering Mindful Meditation with Muse®

Mindfulness has become something of a buzzword in the last few years, but if you’re still unsure of what it means to be ‘mindful’, don’t worry! You’re not alone.... Read More.

Are You Getting Enough Magnesium?

Magnesium supports a wide range of essential functions. From bone health to blood pressure (and more), here are some of the ways magnesium works on your body's behalf.... Read More.

Why You Should Take Zinc Supplements

Your body usually gets enough zinc with a well-rounded diet, but this isn't always the case. When dietary intake of zinc isn't enough, supplements can fill the gap... Read More.

Building Your Supplement Stack:
Top Supplements for Men Over 40

Unhealthy habits built in our carefree youth can mean health problems in midlife. Men between the ages of 40-60 need a balanced intake of baseline supplements to complement their diet... Read More.

Improve Your Heart Health Today

An estimated 80% of cardiovascular deaths are preventable, which means taking a proactive approach to your heart health can make a big difference... Read More.

Improve Your Gut Health

You've probably heard that good health starts in your gut. No, we're not talking about your instincts or feelings—we mean your digestive tract... Read More.

Managing Holiday Stress in 2020

Even in an average year, the holidays can be stressful and overwhelming. This year, the reality of the ongoing global pandemic only exacerbates any pre-existing holiday stress... Read More.

Boost Your Immunity This Winter

The winter months are often marked by sedentary time indoors, along with less-than-ideal nutrition, sunlight exposure, and exercise.... Read More.

Stay Healthy This Thanksgiving

As with most things in 2020, the celebrations around the Thanksgiving table will look a little different this holiday season... Read More.

Detoxify Your Space

As mindful as we need to be of specific germs and viruses, there are actually harmful toxins hiding everywhere in today's world. ... Read More.

Health Tips for the New Normal

After more than six months of living in the New Normal, learn which supplements and habits you shouldn't neglect... Read More.

Six Tips to Boost Your Immune System

If you're looking to go above and beyond to stay healthy this fall, here are TRANSCEND's top tips to boost your immune system and stay healthy in the coming months... Read More.

Top 5 Brain-Boosting Supplements

If, like many of us, you're having a hard time focusing on your work right now, supplementation may help. Here are the top five nootropic supplements we recommend to help you boost your brainpower... Read More.

Should You Take Resveratrol?

You've probably heard that drinking red wine is good for your health—but what makes it better than, say, a pint of beer or a pre-dinner cocktail? As it turns out, it's not the alcohol in the wine that's beneficial: it's the resveratrol... Read More.

Vitamin D and Coronavirus

Can vitamin D help increase your chance of survival if you become infected with Coronavirus? Two recent studies show an association between vitamin D levels and COVID-19... Read More.

5 Active Ways to Stay Fit at Home

Whether you're self-employed and work from home, have limited access to a gym, are self-isolating, or you need more flexibility in your routine, it's essential to take care of ourselves, our bodies, and each other. .... Read More.

Glial Cells and Neurogenesis

Our brains are composed of two main types of cells: neurons and glia. Though most study has focused on neurons, glial cells might be more important than we've previously realized, especially when it comes to neurogenesis .... Read More.

Harness the Power of Meditation

The benefits of meditation are nearly limitless. Whether you’re interested in reducing stress, enhancing concentration and memory, or even slowing down the aging process, consistent meditation has been shown to help.... Read More.

Boost Longevity with Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is more than just a diet — it's an approach to caloric restriction (CR). It's been proven to be a powerful means of extending life span in animals, with early studies suggesting that it may produce the same benefits for humans... Read More.

Optimize Your Eyes

Our aging bodies become less flexible with time, and our eyes are no exception. If you're experiencing age-related changes to your vision, there are steps you can take today to maintain healthy vision and protect your eyes... Read More.

Recipes for a Healthy Holiday Season

Whether you're trying to meet your last deadlines before a holiday break, fighting the crowds to get your shopping done, heading off to a different gathering every weekend, or all of the above, one thing's certain: December is busy.... Read More.

TRANSCEND's Guide to a Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and nothing shows your love and appreciation for your family and friends like a delicious dinner made from scratch. For those of us trying to make responsible dietary choices... Read More.

10 Ways to Improve Longevity

Most people want to look and feel younger than their chronological age, but while superficial changes are one tactic, they can't increase your lifespan or reverse the aging process... Read More.

Biological Vs. Chronological Age: How to Improve Your Biological Age

Understanding your chronological age is simple: it's the number of years that you have lived. Unlike chronological age, your biological age will not necessarily equal the number of years you’ve been alive... Read More.

Vitamins 101: What You Need to Know

Nutrients are essential to human health, and when we're low on them, our bodies let us know. To ensure that we're getting enough nutrients and staying healthy, vitamins are needed... Read More.

Living Well Forever with CoQ10

As we age, our body’s ability to produce CoQ10 declines. CoQ10 has many benefits, but primarily works to protect cells by neutralizing any free radicals in the body, resulting in... Read More.

New Clinical Trial: Maintain Optimal Health With Tru Niagen

Recently, the largest NIAGEN® clinical study to date was released in Scientific Reports. This peer-reviewed study is the fifth published human trial to confirm that NIAGEN® safely and effectively increases NAD levels... Read More.

Do Vitamins and Supplements Really Work?

There are many different opinions on the topic of supplements and their efficacy. Some people are determined to believe that supplements... Read More.

Dr. Terry Grossman on Get Yourself Optimized

Dr. Terry Grossman, a co-founder of TRANSCEND, is a renowned medical authority and thought-leader in the fields of anti-aging and... Read More.

Men's Health: How A Healthier Lifestyle Can Make All the Difference

As we become increasingly health-conscious over time, we begin to understand that diet and exercise affect more than our appearances. The way that we live has a direct impact on our physical and... Read More.

Safer Sunshine: Why Vitamin D3 Might Be Right For You

By now, we’re all aware that too much sun exposure can be dangerous. As we head into the sunniest season, consider a healthy alternative to risking skin damage: Vitamin D3.... Read More.

Make Menopause More Comfortable

When women pass their child-bearing years, their bodies begin to change. While this transition is usually discussed with dread, it doesn’t have to be a scary time... Read More.

What is Red Yeast Rice?

If you suffer from high cholesterol and are looking for an alternative to prescription drugs, red yeast rice supplements may help. Dr. Terry Grossman explains why red yeast rice may be right for you.... Read More.

The Benefits of 5-HTP

What is 5-HTP and how does it work? In our new video series, Dr. Terry Grossman explains some of the health benefits of adding 5-HTP to your supplement stack.... Read More.

Recipes for a Heart-Healthy Valentine's Day

To help you make it over this holiday hurdle, we’ve put together a meal plan for your special night. Here's to a Valentine's Day dinner that is both healthy and indulgent, without being excessive.... Read More.

Everything You Need to Know About Brain Health

The human brain is an incredibly complex organ tasked with the monumental responsibility of making sure the rest of our body parts remain in working order.... Read More.

Turn Back the Clock with Tru Niagen

As we get older, it becomes harder to ignore the physical signs of aging. Even if we follow a dedicated health regimen, the gradual but steady decline of our body’s ability to repair itself on a cellular level is an inevitable fact of life (at least for the time being)... Read More.

Early Detection: Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer that occurs in the lungs. It is often caused by exposure to asbestos. Every year, there are as many as 3,000 people diagnosed with mesothelioma... Read More.

A Broader View of Genomics with Ray Kurzweil

There has been recent disappointment expressed in the progress in the field of genomics. In my view this results from an overly narrow view of the science of genes and biological information processing in general... Read More.

Announcing TRANSCEND™, the Latest Evolution of Ray & Terry's

Bring out the streamers and get ready to celebrate! As of today, Ray & Terry's Longevity Products is now TRANSCEND™, and we're so excited to share with you our brand new website -, along with so much more.... Read More.

Immortality is Within Our Grasp

Most of our conceptions of human life in the 21st century will be turned on their head. Not the least of these is the belief in the inevitability of death. As we succeed in understanding the genome and the proteome, many dramatic... Read More.

Metformin: The Diabetes Prescription Drug With Surprising Benefits.

If you’re a true Ray Kurzweil fan, or a close observer of the longevity space, you may have heard of Metformin. Metformin (trade name Glucophage) is mainly used in treatment of diabetes... Read More.

What Supplements Does Ray Kurzweil Take & Why?

As you might imagine, Ray Kurzweil gets asked a lot about his supplement regime. The questions generally go something like this: “Ray, is it true you take 250 pills a day?”... Read More.

Hormone Replacement, With Terry Grossman, M.D.

It is widely believed that the modern era of anti aging medicine was born with the publication of “The Rudman Study” in 1990. In this placebo-controlled experiment, Daniel Rudman, M.D., from the... Read More.

4 Digestive Function Tests Worth Knowing

Most of these tests are “functional” tests—they evaluate how well your digestive system is functioning—but they fall into the realm of “alternative” or “complementary” medicine as almost no conventional physicians utilize them... Read More.

4 Research-Backed Heart Health Supplements

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death for men and women across the world, despite it being almost entirely avoidable. We’ve compiled a list of the top proven heart health supplements, ... Read More.

Natural Sleep Supplements: Which Is Right For You?

According to a new study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC), a third of Americans don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis. In recent years, sleep deprivation has become so widespread... Read More.

6 Proven Health Benefits of Beta-Sitosterol

Though nutrition is always the first line of defence towards better health, there are times in many of our lives when we simply cannot garner enough assistance from our daily 5-6+ servings of greens... Read More.

Detoxification: Pollution from Many Angles

No one can avoid exposure to toxins, whether from external or internal sources. Our planet has sadly become so toxic that everyone's health is in danger. Pollution comes in many forms... Read More.

Digestion Underlies Your Health & Longevity

Choosing the right foods can have a profound impact on your health and longevity. But no matter how good that food is, it will do you little good if it isn’t digested properly—and proper digestion is hardly the norm... Read More.

Are Vitamins Really Beneficial?

There's a lot of talk about vitamins and supplementation these days, but are they beneficial? Ray Kurzweil explores some of the articles written about vitamins and separates fact from fiction... Read More.

Your Check Engine Light: Signs Your Body is Low on Key Vitamins

By now, many of us know that having a nutritious diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough rest are all necessary factors in maintaining overall health. When we neglect these areas, our bodies tend to respond with fairly... Read More.

What Self-Care Means + Why You Should Start

The term “self-care” has gained significant traction in everyday conversation and has climbed to the top of the the ranks of trending topics–but what does it really mean? If the hashtags and images on social media are to be believed... Read More.

Change Your Weight for Life

By following the program designed by Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman M.D., outlined below, you will begin to lose your excess weight slowly and gradually approach your ideal weight. The idea is to place yourself on the right course, one... Read More.

Reversing Human Aging, with Aubrey De Grey

"Our understanding of the principal components of human aging is growing rapidly. Strategies have been identified to halt and reverse each of the aging processes. Perhaps the most energetic and insightful advocate... Read More.

Enhancing Mental Wellness from Within

We often live our days with a feeling that something is amiss, but can’t ‘put our finger on’ what it is. When we take a proactive approach to our mental well-being, it can be easier to overcome roadblocks like negative memories... Read More.

Live 10 Years Longer with Exercise

Exercise has been associated with a lower incidence of cancer, while a sedentary lifestyle increases cancer risk. Maintaining an active lifestyle in conjunction with eating healthy foods helps keep your energy levels up... Read More.

The 9 Steps of Kurzweil and Grossman's TRANSCEND, Explained

This 9-part series dives into each of Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman's 9 steps of TRANSCEND, as outlined in their book, "TRANSCEND"... Read More.

Ray Kurzweil's Book, 'How to Create a Mind'

For many years, Ray Kurzweil has been studying the mind and how it works. He has proven credibility in many fields including pattern recognition and the study of human thought and intelligence... Read More.

Takeaways from Ray Kurzweil’s 2018 TED Talk

Last week, Ray Kurzweil joined Chris Anderson on stage at the TED2018 conference in Vancouver, British Columbia where leading experts from around the world presented their thoughts on the future of humanity... Read More.

The Three Bridges: Spare Parts

Scientists all over the world are working in various ways to create spare parts for the human body. These technologies provide assistance to individuals with physical disabilities. Plus we will soon be able to replace or assist parts worn from... Read More.

7 Lifestyle Changes That Support Heart Health

Last week we discussed four science-backed supplements that support heart health. This week we’re focusing on lifestyle and dietary changes that will have a big impact in helping you maintain... Read More.

Reducing Your Risk of a Heart Attack + How to Look at Heart Health

Reducing Your Risk of a Heart Attack...and How to Look at Heart Health In order to learn how you can dramatically reduce your risk of a heart attack, it is important to understand the process of heart disease. Recent large-scale... Read More.

Research on Excelerol and its affects on the brain

Here we take a look at Excelerol, a popular memory supplement, and examine the research behind the product... Read More.

Increasing your Alkalinity

Increasing Your Alkalinity We have discussed how the body’s natural metabolic processes create acidic waste products, and, for optimal health, you need to restore your alkaline reserves... Read More.

Reach New Heights

Ray Kurzweil has been making the world better with the power of his ideas and inventions for decades. Now, from the author of TRANSCEND™ comes his first novel, Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine, the story of a girl who changes the world with the power of her super intelligence. It’s sure to inspire readers of all ages. Pre-order today and also get Ray’s highly anticipated The Singularity Is Nearer (for a limited time).