Three Bridges - Spare Parts

Scientists all over the world are working in various ways to create spare parts for the human body. These technologies provide assistance to individuals with physical disabilities. Plus we will soon be able to replace or assist parts worn from age and parts needed for surgeries.

1. Getting closer to a synthetic blood supply

2. Bioengineered veins that could help bypass and dialysis patients

3. Growing blood vessels and capillaries to keep engineered tissues alive

4. Researchers turn skin cells into beating heart cells in just 11 days (video)

5. Synthetic trachea built in lab and covered with stem cells implanted into patient for first time

6. Using scaffolds in the lab, scientists have grown new liver tissue which can be used in transplants and liver failure. 

7. Kidneys grown from stem cells

8. Artificial pancreas under development for diabetes management

9. The 'retina in a dish' may be the most complex tissue engineered thus far.

10. Printing an ear (video):

11. Medical Breakthrough: Paralyzed man stands on his own.

12. Hand transplant surgeons connected 23 tendons, 2 bones, 2 arteries, and at least 3 nerves. (video)

13. Custom-order replacement knees cleared for release. Less cutting in surgery + better recovery = cybernetic happiness.

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