Author | Ray Kurzweil
Illustrator | Amy Kurzweil

Year Published | 2018

In this fiction novel,  Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine , Ray Kurzweil introduces us to a precocious young girl who uses her intelligence and accelerating technologies to solve the world’s biggest challenges. Danielle’s journey brings her face to face with important figures from recent history and our modern world while casting a hopeful vision of humanity’s future—and how to achieve it.

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How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed

Author | Ray Kurzweil
Year Published | 2012

The bold futurist and best-selling author explores the limitless potential of reverse-engineering the human brain

Kurzweil discusses how the brain functions, how the mind emerges from the brain, and the implications of vastly increasing the powers of our intelligence in addressing the world’s problems. He thoughtfully examines emotional and moral intelligence and the origins of consciousness and envisions the radical possibilities of our merging with the intelligent technology we are creating.

“Kurzweil's vision of our super-enhanced future is completely sane and calmly reasoned, and his book should nicely smooth the path for the earth's robot overlords, who, it turns out, will be us.”—The New York Times

TRANSCEND: Nine Steps to Living Well Forever

Authors | Ray Kurzweil + Terry Grossman
Year Published | 2008

Famed futurist Ray Kurzweil and his coauthor Terry Grossman, MD, distill thousands of scientific studies to make the case that new developments in medicine and technology will allow us to radically extend our life expectancies and slow the aging process.

TRANSCEND gives you the practical tools you need to live long enough (and remain healthy long enough) to take full advantage of the biotech and nanotech advances that have already begun and will continue to occur at an accelerating pace during the years ahead.

The Singularity Is Near

Author | Ray Kurzweil
Year Published | 2005

A radical and optimistic view of the future course of human development from the bestselling author of How to Create a Mind and The Age of Spiritual Machines who Bill Gates calls “the best person I know at predicting the future of artificial intelligence”For over three decades, Ray Kurzweil has been one of the most respected and provocative advocates of the role of technology in our future.

In his classic The Age of Spiritual Machines, he argued that computers would soon rival the full range of human intelligence at its best. Now he examines the next step in this inexorable evolutionary process: the union of human and machine, in which the knowledge and skills embedded in our brains will be combined with the vastly greater capacity, speed, and knowledge-sharing ability of our creations.

“Startling in scope and bravado.” —Janet Maslin, The New York Times

“Elaborate, smart and persuasive.” —The Boston Globe

“A pleasure to read.” —The Wall Street Journal

Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever

Authors | Ray Kurzweil & Terry Grossman
Year Published | 2005

From the author of How to Create a Mind comes startling discoveries in the areas of genomics, biotechnology, and nanotechnology occur practically every day.  

The rewards of this research, some of it as spectacular as science fiction, are practically in our grasp. Fantastic Voyage shows us how we can use these new technologies to live longer than previously imaginable.

"Anyone can find it easy to implement action that will enhance their health.”  —George King, M.D., professor of medicine, Harvard Medical School

The Baby Boomers' Guide to Living Forever

Author | Terry Grossman
Year Published | 1999

This book presents the thesis that radical extensions of human life span are only a few decades away.

The problem is many baby boomers may not live long enough to avail themselves of these breakthrough technologies - but they will be close! This book offers a way to live a healthier life now, so that anyone can maximize his or her chances of being alive when this new wave of life extension and rejuvenation really begins to take hold.

The Age of Spiritual Machines

Author | Ray Kurzweil
Year Published | 1999

Kurzweil's prophetic blueprint for the future takes us through the advances that inexorably result in computers exceeding the memory capacity and computational ability of the human brain by the year 2020 (with human-level capabilities not far behind); in relationships with automated personalities who will be our teachers, companions, and lovers; and in information fed straight into our brains along direct neural pathways.

Optimistic and challenging, thought-provoking and engaging, The Age of Spiritual Machines is the ultimate guide on our road into the next century.

"This is a book for anyone who wonders where human technology is going next".  
- The New York Times Book Review

The Age of Intelligent Machines

Author | Ray Kurzweil
Year Published | 1990

In The Age of Intelligent Machines, inventor and computer scientist Raymond Kurzweil probes the past, present, and future of artificial intelligence, from its earliest philosophical and mathematical roots to tantalizing glimpses of 21st-century machines with superior intelligence and prodigious speed and memory.