New Clinical Trial: Maintain Optimal Health With Tru Niagen

If you're a TRANSCEND regular, you're probably already familiar with TRU NIAGEN®, a unique form of Vitamin B3 that's been clinically proven to increase Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD). NAD is a coenzyme found in all living cells, and its purpose is to help the mitochondria convert food into energy.

As we age, our NAD levels inevitably tend to decline. This decline does not need to be the norm, though, when there are available supplements that can help maintain and regulate healthy levels of NAD. TRU NIAGEN® turns nutrients into energy as part of your metabolic processes and acts as a "helper molecule" for proteins that regulate major biological activity.

New Clinical Study Released
Recently, the largest NIAGEN® clinical study to date was released in Scientific Reports. This peer-reviewed study is the fifth published human trial to confirm that NIAGEN® safely and effectively increases NAD levels. Study participants saw a sustained 40-50% increase in NAD levels by the end of the eight-week study.

The study showed that within about two weeks of consistent use, NAD levels are fully elevated. The recommended dosage for optimal results is 300 mg daily—study participants taking 100 mg/day did not experience the same significant NAD increase.

The new study also confirmed previous ones that support NIAGEN®'s safety: by the end of the eight-week study, there were no observed changes in LDL cholesterol levels or blood levels of homocysteine.

Benefits of TRU NIAGEN®

  • Increases cellular metabolism & energy production
  • Maintains healthy mitochondria
  • Promotes cellular repair
  • Supports muscle function (and maintenance of muscle mass)
  • Maintains healthy cholesterol levels

As studies like this one continue to show, adding a supplement like TRU NIAGEN® into your daily diet can help with overall cellular health. 

TRANSCEND tru niagen

Try TRU NIAGEN® now!

Before you consider adding TRU NIAGEN® to your diet, consult your doctor to find out if it's right for you.

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