Fruit Kabobs

Makes a refreshing and visually appealing side dish for summer parties. This is a healthy sweet treat to bring that will surprise and delight. (makes 20-30 skewers)


1 pineapple
1 seedless watermelon (small)
2 limes
1 lb red or black seedless grapes (organic)
sprig of mint



  1. Cut pineapple (always remove core) into 1″ chunks
  2. Cut watermelon into 1.5″ chunks
  3. Rinse grapes
  4. Add to blender: grated zest from one lime, juice of both limes, torn mint leaves. Blend until well mixed.
  5. Thread fruit pieces on skewer sticks. Place in bowl and drizzle with juice mixture. Cover. Can be served immediately, but flavor is a best if the skewers marinate overnight.
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