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An indoor, vertical farm with stacks of lettuce being harvested by a robotic arm.

Vertical Farming: When Food Production Becomes Information Technology

There is a glitch in our agricultural system – it is weather dependent. We are constantly chasing the perfect environment to grow the perfect crops. By the time our produce makes it to our tables it may have spent weeks or even months in storage, on ships and trucks. But Ray Kurzweil sees a paradigm shift coming to agriculture that is going to change everything. It's called vertical farming.
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Back to Basics:  Three Bridges to Life Extension

Back to Basics: Three Bridges to Life Extension

Ray and Terry’s “three bridges” is a metaphor to explain three key steps to living indefinitely. Both their book and TRANCEND Longevity have a common mission: to help you live your best life during Bridge One, slowing down and in many cases, stopping the processes that lead to disease and aging.
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