Emerging Tech

woman grilling vegetables

The Future of Meat

Meat is undergoing a profound transformation thanks to artificial intelligence.  Today we have "next generation" plant based burgers that replicate animal meat.  Soon, we will have meat from in vitro cloning of muscle tissue.  There is no reason to create a whole animal to get the parts that we want to eat.
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An indoor, vertical farm with stacks of lettuce being harvested by a robotic arm.

Vertical Farming: When Food Production Becomes Information Technology

There is a glitch in our agricultural system – it is weather dependent. We are constantly chasing the perfect environment to grow the perfect crops. By the time our produce makes it to our tables it may have spent weeks or even months in storage, on ships and trucks. But Ray Kurzweil sees a paradigm shift coming to agriculture that is going to change everything. It's called vertical farming.
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