Men's Health - a healthier lifestyle makes all the difference

As we become increasingly health-conscious over time, we begin to understand that diet and exercise affect more than our appearances. The way that we live has a direct impact on our physical and mental health. June is Men’s Health Month, which means it’s time to think critically about the biggest health threats facing men, and how to reduce the risk of health issues to live a longer and healthier life.

Physical Health

Prostate health is — or should be — a legitimate concern for all men. Prostates enlarge with age, causing discomfort during many normal activities. According to the Mayo Clinic, there are 220,000 cases of prostate cancer every year.

Studies have shown that there are many ways to slow prostate enlargement. WebMD suggests that a healthy diet, paired with daily exercise, can help slow prostate growth and in turn help prevent the risk of prostate cancer.

Researchers also suggest that increased intake of green tea — a powerful antioxidant — may be related to the significantly lower number of reported cases of prostate cancer among Japanese and Chinese men. TRANSCEND’s Green Tea Extract offers help with prostate health, weight management, and a healthy immune system.

Mental Health

Physical health may be a priority for the majority of men, but mental health doesn’t often receive its share of attention. According to Psychology Today, men are more likely to suffer in silence than ask for help when they face internal struggles. Men’s mental health is more than a health issue: it’s also a social issue, due to the prevailing stigma against men showing any weaknesses.

Mental health can be affected by substance abuse as well, which has been shown to disproportionately affect menAlcohol depresses the central nervous system and hinders mood stability while simultaneously numbing the senses. Alcohol’s after-effects include depleted levels of serotonin, which leads to feelings of depression. Reducing the intake of toxic substances, such as alcohol, can help both physical and mental health.

Living A Healthier Lifestyle

As men age and their testosterone production slows, they tend to lose body mass in comparison to their earlier years. Men can counteract these physical effects by implementing a healthier lifestyle, increasing exercise and improving their diets to include more fruit and vegetables and less red meat.

For men over 50, different workouts are recommended to stay fit and healthy. Some workouts include:

  • Rowing: Low-impact,builds stamina and strengthens bones
  • Yoga: Strengthens bones, prevents loss of muscle mass, relaxes the mind
  • Racquet Sports: Great for lungs, muscles, coordination, and helps with engaging cognitive function
  • Biking: Easy on the joints and a good cardiovascular workout

True health means keeping both physical and mental health in balance. As men age, new health concerns can arise, but they can be slowed with a proactive approach to a healthy lifestyle.

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