Step 8 – New Technologies

Cheating death might just be possible in the new millennium. It’s a fantastic statement; even more fantastic because there is evidence that we will soon significantly extend healthy human lifespan, maybe even during your own lifetime.

As we move into the new era in which health and medicine become information technologies, we are gaining tools to augment, repair, rebuild and improve upon the existing human design.


Bridge Two – Biotechnology

By manipulating genes and reprogramming cells, we can reduce or eliminate cancer, replace worn out organs, lengthen cellular life, and clean up damage that causes aging.

  • Stem cells can be used to replace aging cells in crucial body systems
  • Delete genes that cancer cells use to kill us
  • Enhance the immune response to remove toxic cells

Stem cell therapies are in serious development right now. Watch a video from the Manhattan Beach Project, in which Stephen Coles and Robert Bradbury discuss cutting edge stem cell techniques.


Bridge Three – Nanotechnology

Although biotechnology is powerful science, the true magic will happen when we start using nanotechnology to create materials and techniques even more intricate than biology.

  • Computerized DNA will be remotely reprogrammed
  • Nanobots the size of blood cells will traverse the body
  • Replacement parts created with technology will outperform biological counterparts
  • Back up your consciousness so you don’t need your biological form

What About Right Now? 
There are breakthroughs happening all the time. Humans already have neural implants and the artificial pancreas; robotic hands can be connected to the brain; we have grown meat in a laboratory and cloned a sheep. See some of the recent highlights below.

What About Me?
You can already begin to benefit personally from these new technologies.

  • Save your stem cells
  • Look into your DNA
  • Get better testing

Live Long Enough… If we can start by slowly adding years to human lifespan, eventually we will reach a tipping point where we add more than a year to your life expectancy each year. Then you will truly have the chance… To Live Forever.

Go to Step 9 where we discuss Detoxification.

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